Avant Williams Barber Salon, Massage, & Spa Services

It’s more than just hair, It’s a Lifestyle!

About Us....

Avant Williams, LLC began with a dream in 2002. The dream did not become a reality until 2013 when the first brick and mortar location was opened in Augusta, Georgia. After experiencing a fire in late 2015 the owner, William Melvin decided to shift the focus and position his business in a space that meant a lot to him as a Disabled U.S. Veteran. He decided to work towards what sparked the drive to enter into the industry of hair and beauty care. During his time serving in the military he recognized the need and importance of a good haircut. After exiting the military he still felt a strong desire to continue to serve, Mr. Melvin saw this as the opportunity to do just that. In December 2015 he opened his first barbershop on base. Since then, he has grown at a tremendous rate at the same time ensuring that the same quality and care are cemented in all of his facilities. Mr. Melvin is proud to continue to serve the Men and Women that makes our country great.