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It’s more than just hair, It’s a Lifestyle!

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Free House Give Away!
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Hi Everyone, 

This is our chance to do some good this summer. With all of your help we can truly help the world one person/family at a time. If you have any suggestions please contact me.

Thank you all of your support!

We Are Here For You
Here at Avant Williams we truly care about our community. We believe in helping and uplifting others. Therefore, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community and city. Thank all of you for your support!

Augusta Support
We have partnered with the Augusta Housing Authority to operate the salon in the Peabody apartments. We provide services to the elderly and assisted living residence at a reduce rate. We have taken on this task because we feel that "It's More Than Just Hair, It's A Lifestyle." All we need sometimes is a haircut to completely change the way we look at life. To give us our confidence back and make us feel special. We feel that is what we are providing to the residence of the Peabody Apartments.